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Combining industry and technical knowledge to create an out-of-the-box solutions for our clients.

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Drew has deep roots in hospitality, growing up with a father who worked his way up the ladder to Executive V.P. of Operations for Outrigger Hotels. Drew's first job was as an intern rotating through various departments at just 18 years old. From there his passion for the industry continued to grow and he went on to receive his M.M.H. from Cornell's Hospitality School. His most recent endeavors, which include working as a financial analyst and operation strategist at IHG, investment management and acquisitions at Davidson Hotels, and asset management at Trinity Investments, has given him professional experience across all aspects of the business. Due to his deeper understanding of how brands, operators, and ownership groups work within the industry led him to realize that data management was an integral part of hotel's success at every level. From here Drew wanted to create a solutions that organizes and makes data accessible, specifically to ownership groups, to create a true competitive advantage.

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